Wanted : Articles & Photos
Write an article about your favourite plant(s) and submit it as an e-mail attachment.  Do not embed pics in the text, but send these separately as jpgs with easily identifiable names, and refer to these names in your text.

Don't have any pics?  That can be fixed.

No good as a writer?  That's easily fixed too, or why not submit your photos anyway?  Only one photo?  Submit that.  You need write no more than the name of the plant, and, if you don.t know that, just relate its history, where you got it etc.

Note : if your pic(s) have been taken from the internet, please state the source, so that permission to publish may be obtained.  If permission is refused other sources will be tried.
Wanted : Your Opinion
Express your views about this site, about individual articles, about anything at all.  Your comments and/or criticisms are welcome.  Everything you have to say (within the bounds of reason) will be published.
Not Wanted : Articles with Commercial Content
Note : Articles are accepted in almost any language.
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